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- how to build your perceived value through: your website, marketing and social media so you can charge a premium fee and attract premium clients.

- how to book a gig when someone calls you and is "shopping around".

- how to approach a venue to get a weekly residency gig.

- what you can do at gigs so that the client will re-book you again and again! Because it's not about getting booked.. it's about getting re-booked!

- post event, you will then be invited into a private FB group to continue your progress

As a Magician, You are already winning at life by being able to share what you love doing with other people AND get paid for it! 
So why not learn how to further run your art-form as a business and make a successful full time living from it.
we spend so much time and money learning new effects, that the same should be invested into how to make a living from all the effects we are buying (lol).
This online classroom session is limited to 25 people so that I can give direct advice to attendees that may be in the same boat as you so everyone can learn from one another's question and answers.


This online class will happen Sunday the 29th of July 11pm Australian Eastern Standard Time
Which is: Sunday 2pm UK time.
                Sunday 6am LA Time
                Sunday 9am New York Time
                SUnday 6:30pm India Time

To secure your spot in the class register Below. Reach out if you have ANY questions .

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